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My name is Vicky and I am the lead planner and founder of Myel D’Or Events, LLC. Since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for putting together shows and events. At age 15, I was one of 4 people who started M.G.B.J., a youth dance troupe, where I would not only lead and coordinate dance choreography but also event logistics and decor. Proceeds from the shows were always donated to charity and the organization provided community service credits to all of its participants.

I took my passion for event planning and coordination to the University of Florida as an undergrad when I became Club Creole’s (An on-campus student organization) dance coordinator. Under my leadership, the group won multiple awards, including a first place trophy in the prestigious International Visa talent show in 2003. After college I continued to indulge in my passion by starting a non-profit organization named K.H.A.T.T., Inc. (Keeping Hope Alive for Talented Teens, Inc.) where I provided middle and high school students a creative outlet through dance, singing, poetry and more.

Through all of this I have attained wonderful experience in leading and coordinating. In 2011 Myel D’Or Events was "officially" born and I aimed my talents at producing amazing weddings, corporate events, baby showers, children’s parties and pretty much any event under the sun. I received so many positive reviews and repeat business that I have decided to obtain my credentials through The Wedding Planning Institute as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

Through my journey, I know that I have found at least one of my life's callings. I live for event planning. I have a passion for presentation and exceptional outcomes and thus strive to produce top notch events that surpass expectations. 

I enjoy running my family business alongside my wonderful husband Elijah, who has been my partner of almost 18 years. Together, we are a dynamic duo who works diligently to bring our "A" game to every event. One of my favorite part of this business is the long lasting relationships that I can get to build with our clients. Customers should do business with us because of my love of the craft, my professionalism, my focus on customer service, and my ability to work with  different personality types in order to achieve amazing events of various sizes. We humbly ask for the opportunity to win your business and make you a life long customer.


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